Complement any interior scheme
with our twenty two metal finishes

  • Aged Brass

    Aged Brass

    A unique burnishing technique developed by our craftsmen creates a naturally aged patina that will continue to take on its own character over its lifetime.

  • Brushed Brass

    Brushed Brass

    A sophisticated finish offering a twist on its polished sister – it provides a beautiful counterbalance to rough and glossy surfaces.

  • Brushed 24K Gold

    Brushed 24K Gold

    Providing a deeper, richer colour than our Brushed Brass, this 24k Gold finish allows for a luxurious look that works wonderfully in more feminine spaces.

  • Heritage Brass

    Heritage Brass

    An alternative to Vintage Brass, this finish presents a gloss lacquered version of our popular burnished brass look

  • Natural Brass

    Natural Brass

    In these days of hidden plastics and metal alloys you'll not find a more honest demonstration of the integrity of our products than in their raw brass form - simply polished and left to tarnish and take on the patina of use.

  • Polished Brass

    Polished Brass

    We employ a five stage plating process to produce the graceful polished brass finish that is treated to ensure tarnishing won’t occur over its lifetime.

  • Polished Copper

    Polished Copper

    A rich copper, polished to bring out the essence of the material and lacquered to ensure the purity of finish is maintained throughout its lifetime.

  • Polished 24K Gold

    Polished 24K Gold

    A subtle four stage 24k Gold plating process resulting in our most extravagant finish.

  • Tarnished Brass

    Tarnished Brass

    By double lacquering our famous Aged Brass surface we are able to offer this finish’s soft patina in a protected form that won’t change over time.

  • Vintage Brass

    Vintage Brass

    Careful burnishing of a secret plating formula provides this finish with a unique cast bronze look that is sealed to ensure the colour never fades.

  • Vintage Copper

    Vintage Copper

    This time worn finish blends burnt copper tones with the most complex of plating and polishing techniques in the creation of our latest finish

  • Aged Nickel

    Aged Nickel

    Created by the delicate touch of our craftsmen this finish leaves a smooth satin feel and proposes a more graceful alternative to Brushed Nickel

  • Brushed Nickel

    Brushed Nickel

    By carefully satinising the components before applying a unique nickel plate this finish brings with it an industrial, stainless steel inspired, aesthetic.

  • Black Mirror

    Black Mirror

    An endlessly deep, glassy black finish designed to add a touch of hi-tech to anything it touches

  • Charcoal


    Inspired by our love of dark chocolate we use a two stage lacquering process to provide this finish with a lush flat look that is endlessly touchable.

  • Gun Metal

    Gun Metal

    A smooth and wonderfully tactile finish. This one of kind application looks beautiful against stone surfaces and is treated to ensure its colour will be maintained for all time.

  • Matt Black

    Matt Black

    This black powder coated finish provides a resilient and integral surface with a gentle sheen ensuring a sophisticated, modern look.

  • Oil Rubbed Bronze

    Oil Rubbed Bronze

    A classic US finish re-invoked with a secret satin plating process to meet the requirements of the contemporary interior seeking a sophisticated deep black finish.

  • Pewter


    A heritage look not often seen on brassware. This finish provides an endlessly deep lustre ensuring a unique character in your scheme.

  • Polished Chrome

    Polished Chrome

    An ever popular finish, we use only the finest chrome to ensure a bright colour and beautiful flow across the components that really shows you that not all chromes are alike.

  • Polished Nickel

    Polished Nickel

    This classic brassware finish, used before the application of chrome, provides a hint of champagne to this delicate silver finish guaranteed that will add a heritage element to your scheme.

  • Rustica Brass

    Rustica Brass

    A velvet surface to this finish ensures it captures light uniquely within a darkened brass base. A finish ideally suited to contrast against travertine marbles.