Nordic Inspired Arts & Crafts Home

Private Residence
Surrey, UK
Interiors: Kinnersley Kent Design

Loft LOF22 bath set and LOF42 handshower in Vintage Brass

Inspired by the cool elegance of Nordic interiors, this family house belongs to a fashion designer with a keen eye for interiors. Calm and understated throughout, it finds a relaxed point between urban and country style.

Vintage Brass ‘Loft’ brassware makes refined design statements in both the kitchen and the bathroom.

Loft LOF71 monoblock kitchen mixer and spray in Vintage Brass

An Arts & Crafts aesthetic prevails, highlighting functional objects as focus pieces. From a wrought iron door track to the lighting and cabinetry, every element has been carefully selected for its innate craft, quality and form.

Our Loft Range in Vintage Brass makes a refined design statement in both the kitchen and the bathroom.

Interior Design: Kinnersley Kent Design

Loft LOF22 bath set and LOF42 handshower in Vintage Brass
Loft LOF04 3 hole basin set in Vintage Brass